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Steam Shower Doors

There is nothing more spectacular than adding a steam shower to your home! This simple luxury will easily transform your bathroom into a spa-like space for you to enjoy day after day. The glass enclosure extends from floor to ceiling and often includes a movable piece at the top of the structure, called a transom, which allows you to release just the right amount of steam.


All frameless glass shower doors give the appearance of elegance, but the design of the steam shower is even more dramatic, reaching all the way to the bathroom ceiling. This design effectively allows for that accumulation of steam which is crucial to this unique shower experience. Your desire for a steam shower in your home is attainable.


Our customized showers have the ability to completely change your space and offer limitless possibilities. Both small and large spaces provide the perfect canvas for a steam shower, so don’t let worry hold you back from the relaxation of your individualized steam shower. Choose a configuration that defines your shower space and works for you!

What is a steam shower?

Truth be told, a steam shower is just like any other shower enclosure with two main exceptions. The first thing that makes a standard glass shower door into a luxurious steam shower is that the glass enclosure reaches from floor to ceiling.


The second identifying characteristic of a steam shower is located at the top of the structure and is called a transom. The transom (or glass vent) tilts in and out, which allows you to control the moistness and temperature of the air within the glass walls of your shower area. Ultimately, the job of a steam shower is to hold the humidity and heat within the shower at your perfect temperature creating your very own home spa.

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