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Shower Glass Options

Shower Glass Options

3/8-Inch Heavy Shower Glass

Choosing the right glass is an important part of creating the perfect shower enclosure! We offer a wide variety of glass options to help you create the look you want with the luxury you deserve. The appearance and appeal of your bathroom space starts with your choice in glass including color, pattern and thickness. The type of glass chosen reflects each homeowner’s personal taste and sense of style.

The great thing about glass shower doors is that they are stylish, versatile and durable. The glass options for your new shower door will create an everlasting elegance that is designed to withstand the test of time. Remember, you can choose glass for your enclosure that is clear, tinted, patterned, custom frosted or etched glass. There are also a variety of glass thicknesses and it is important to select the right thickness for your custom shower doors.

The minimal thickness that can be used to create a frameless shower door is 3/8.” Anything less than 3/8” can leave the frameless shower flawed and lead to architectural instability. Using a measurement of 3/8” or thicker for frameless shower doors ensures structural soundness and quality construction.

1/2-Inch Heavy Shower Glass

1/2” thick glass produces the greatest structural integrity for frameless shower doors. Just to give you an example of its strength, 1/2” glass is used in commercial storefronts. Also keep in mind that the thicker the glass, the more likely that it will give off a greenish hue.

Wide Variety of Glass Options Available:

  • Color

  • Tint

  • Pattern

  • Frosted

  • Etched

  • Thickness

Color Options

What are the Glass Options Available? Color and Pattern

Shower door glass has a large selection of colors and patterns from which to choose. Again, all of the available options allow you the freedom of creating a truly unique and custom shower enclosure. Explore the creative combinations made possible by our variety of choices in color, pattern and etching!

The most popular color in shower glass is clear: however, there are many color options for you to consider. The color or tint clear alternatives are bronze, grey, green and blue. Choosing a color or a slight variation in the tint of the glass is a fantastic way to make your new enclosure your own.


If you want a pure, clear glass, it is important to ask about our low-iron options. Standard glass naturally has iron, which can cause a greenish hue to be emitted. The thicker the glass, the more apparent the green tint becomes, so if you choose a frameless door with clear glass, opt for low-iron glass for clarity.

Types of Patterns

Standard patterns: Provides a heavy more textured feel while still allowing light to show through.


Acid etched patterns: Offers a more delicate option by etching designs on a smooth surface, still creating privacy by diffusing light.

What Glass Thickness Options are Available?

The thickness of the glass you choose for your custom shower affects the overall appearance, feel, and stability of the enclosure. Generally, your thickness options include 1/4-, 3/8- and 1/2-inch glass, with the latter two being used for frameless enclosures to provide added stability. The glass used in shower doors is tempered safety glass; tempered glass is much stronger than standard glass and shatters into safe, pebbled-like pieces if broken.

Patterned Glass Options

Patterned glass ranges from delicate and pretty to detailed and bold; our wide variety of unique shower door glass patterns allows you to outfit your bathroom with fashionable design principles while at the same time expressing individual tastes. Like all areas of your home, your bathroom is also a reflection of your style. By adding personal flair in surprising ways, like choosing patterned shower door glass, you design fresh, artistic space that can be enjoyed every day.


Not only are there many standard patterns to choose from, there are also acid-etched patterns as well. With acid-etched choices ranging from completely frosted to geometric patterns, you’re sure to find a glass option you love with ABC Glass and Mirror, Inc.!

3/8” vs. 1/2”

Shower door glass comes in two standard thicknesses - 3/8” and 1/2.” Our 3/8” glass is available in a wide variety of clear, tinted, patterned, and frosted (acid-etched) looks. We also offer 1/2” glass for showers where structural integrity is a concern, and this glass is also available in clear, tinted, patterned, and frosted (acid-etched) designs. Either thickness offers a high-end look with a heavy, substantial feel when sliding and swinging the door open and closed.

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