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Sliding Shower Doors

Shower Glass Options

Sliding glass shower doors are a wonderful addition to any bathroom in more ways than one! These shower doors are comprised of one or two sliding panels of glass. Additional fixed or stationary glass panels can be added to any custom opening depending on your design and bathroom space. Sliding shower doors offer the beauty and sparkle of glass which will brighten your bath area, and with Garcia's Glass many glass options, you can select glass that will be the perfect finishing touch for your bathroom’s decorating scheme! In addition, sliding glass shower doors are very efficient in terms of space.


Since the moving door simply slides rather than swinging open, this is a terrific choice for rooms where space is a concern. Whether the bathroom is small or the tub is very close to another fixture, sliding shower doors are perfect because they don’t take up any extra room! There are many options in sliding shower doors; click here to view your choices.

What is a sliding shower door?

A sliding shower door is defined as a glass enclosure that is made up of at least one glass panel that slides open and closed. Accompanying the sliding glass panel is, usually, one or more fixed panels. However, there are different types of sliding doors and some will consist of two glass panels that slide back and forth. These sometimes have stationary pieces that finish enclosing the stall area, but are not a part of the door mechanism.

What hardware options are available?

Finish and style of hardware plays a strong role in the overall appearance of your bathroom. There are many varieties of finishes and hardware styles that will lead to limitless combinations for your sliding shower door. Click here for your hardware style and finish options for sliding glass shower doors.

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Are there different kinds of sliding shower doors?

There are several types of sliding glass doors that Garcia's Glass carefully selected due to the excellent construction, durability and aesthetic appeal. Some of our most treasured sliding doors are the Cardinal Skyline, CRL Laurence Serenity Series and the Essence Series. These doors offer a sleek modern look coupled with a smooth, effortless feel when you open and close your enclosure. Another type of sliding shower door that is very popular, especially for tubs, is the bypass glass enclosure. What makes the bypass a special kind of shower door is that instead of one sliding panel, both panels slide. Now it is important to mention that although both panels slide, there may be a need for additional stationary glass panels. These would only be required if additional space had to be enclosed. All of our sliding doors bring visual appeal and space-efficiency to your home.


Skyline, Serenity, Essence or Bypass glass shower doors are great options if your space is limited and you are looking for a low maintenance shower enclosure.

Why a sliding shower door?

Choosing a new sliding shower door is an important decision, based on practical needs and bathroom décor goals. One reason for deciding to add new glass doors is they make a great replacement for a shower curtain. Water can definitely get past a shower curtain when it is not positioned just right, and we all know how easily this can happen. Simply slide the moving panel to close the shower doors and the water will stay in the shower and off your floor! These shower doors are also a great alternative to a shower curtain in terms of aesthetics. Made of glass and metal, they have a very versatile look and will enhance any style of décor. If you decide to change your bathroom colors or theme, your sliding glass shower doors will remain an elegant feature of your bathroom. And with our large selection of hardware finishes, you can tie your new shower doors in with the rest of the bathroom by choosing a finish that matches your existing bath hardware.

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