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Hardware Options

Shower Doors

An attractive array of hardware options is available to Garcia's Glass customers. Choose the handle that complements your bathroom decor! Many of our classic handles have a sleek, simple look that coordinates with a variety of decorating themes. In addition, we offer a ladder-style and a colonial handle, for customers seeking a more distinctive appearance. Hinges are also available in different shapes and sizes, and we offer a variety of hardware finishes. Finish choices range from traditional options like chrome and polished brass to specialty finishes like red and gold-plated. Find the hardware you need to create the look you want with Garcia's Glass!




What is the right hardware style and finish for my shower doors?

Selecting the right hardware style and finish can make or break the overall appearance of your new frameless shower door. Usually the canvas for the hardware is clear glass with a view of the tile in the shower stall, so your hardware is one of the focal points in your shower area. With this much attention being drawn to the hardware a wise, well-informed choice will ensure that the elements of your personal design goals are met. The type and color of your hardware is an individual preference which means you should be aware of all available options. Every bathroom has its own flavor and flair, so it’s only logical that your hardware should complement your existing or new design and color scheme.

In order to conceptualize the many hardware pieces, you have to think of all the different working parts of a glass door coupled with utilitarian pieces you may have to coordinate with your working hardware. It is important to ensure that all the hardware that you have selected matches in both color and style. You don’t want the hinges on your glass door to be ultra brass and your towel bar to be satin brass. Ensuring uniformity in color is very important to get the total look you want. The little bit of color inconsistency could have a negative influence of the appearance of your bathroom. Here are the most common hardware components for shower doors.

  • Hinges

  • Headers

  • Handles

  • Clips

  • Robe hook

  • Towel bar

What hardware finish will complement my bathroom shower doors?

One of the most important concepts in your bathroom is how your colors mix with each other and with your design theme. Hardware finishes are not exempt from having to match and support the color scheme in your bathroom. There is a color for everyone, whether you are interested in a trendy, popular look or if you are a little more unconventional. Garcia's Glass has the right color for you and your shower door. Here are some examples of our color finishes:

  • Brushed Pewter

  • Gun Metal

  • Red

  • Black

  • White

  • Brass

  • Bronze

  • Nickel

  • Copper

What hardware styles are available for my new glass shower?

The style of your hardware can be consequential when integrated into your décor. The appearance of your handle or hinges determines the impact your frameless shower will have on your bathroom design. Garcia's Glass. offers hardware styles ranging from sleek and modern to intricate and sophisticated. There are so many designs available that will express your individuality and give your bathroom the look you want.

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